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Peugeot 309 GTI Carbone Lorraine RC6+ Front Brake Pads


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  • Carbone Lorraine RC6+ Front Brake Pads for Peugeot 309 GTI

    These pads are suitable for use on all years


    The RC6 compound is Carbone Lorraine's newest and most advanced brake pad material to date and leads the way in braking technology.

    Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pads excel as a fast road and track day car applications plus lightweight race cars. The low wear rate on these brake pads means they are perfect for endurance races and are gentle on both OEM and uprated brake discs.

    The Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad is made from Sintered Metal and supersedes the old Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad compound, improving the brake pad in every area. The new Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad compound is designed to give virtually no dust and is very quiet, eliminating brake squeal usually associated with race brake pads. This RC6 brake pad material has a higher friction co-efficient, but lower wear rate than the discontinued RC6 brake pad compound.

    RC6 compound brake pads; like the rest of the Carbone Lorraine range, do not contain any organic compounds. This unique material does not melt or compress when under pressure and high temperature giving a firmer pedal and better brake modulation.

    The Carbone Lorraine RC6 brake pad compound has an average friction co-efficient between the old RC5 (μ=0.40) and the RC6 (μ=0.5) and are very effective from cold, giving excellent initial bite yet will still not deteriorate with braking temperatures until well over 1000 °C – well above the temperatures found under race conditions.


    NOTE: Carbone Lorraine pads are primarily for race applications. Therefore on certain vehicles anti rattle springs may be required when fitting for use as a fast road pad.